Medical Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer

The information contained has not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, these formulas and information are not intended to diagnose or treat diseases.
Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle only presents general medical information, and we do not suggest using it for treatment of diseases. There are no representations or warranties of this information.
Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle does not assure that the medical information presented will always be accurate, recent, or readily available.

Professional assistance:

Do not follow the information provided by Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle over information and instructions provided by your doctor. Please contact your doctor or other healthcare professionals if you need answers to any medical questions. Seek professional help immediately if you are suffering from a serious medical condition and do not hesitate because of information given by Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle.

Limiting our liability

By visiting Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle’s website and using Dr. Sophia’s products, you are agreeing to not holding us liable for any damages you would experience from medical information given on this website.

You also agree not to share the medical information on Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle to a third party. This is because that third party has not read and understood this disclaimer.

Sharing our information with a third party in anyway (electronically, through speech, through writing, etc.), means that you agree to be held responsible for any damages or claims that the third party may have towards us. You will also be held accountable if you give our information to a third party, and they share our information with another third party.

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