Student Discount

Student Discount

Student Discount

Dr. Sophia provides educational institutions a full line of fresh, nutritious organic foods, juices, vitamins, as well as medical grade weight loss bars, shakes, and supplements. Our mission is to provide nutritional food to create a healthy mind and body lifestyle for students, all at an affordable cost.

We applaud students for pursuing their education and striving for their goals. We want to support them by providing a case-by- case discount per educational institution. Meaning the more an educational institution purchases, the bigger discount there will be.

Why should students pursue this opportunity?
Students should continue this discount opportunity as it is crucial to remain healthy during college. Pursuing education is hard, and it is even more difficult to eat healthy when studying for finals and exams and not to mention, it can be quite costly to eat healthy as a college student. The nutritional bars are ideal for students who are on the go and need a full day’s energy between classes or for extra-curricular activities.

Nutrition is an essential part of the mind and body process. In order to study and remain focused, it’s crucial to fuel the body with nutrition. It’s not just the body, but the brain becomes nourished with healthy food as well. By using our products, students will be able to fuel their body and brain and focus and process information easier and more productively.

Call us today to set up an appointment to speak with Dr. Sophia’s Health Ambassador. We can help you find which products would benefit you the most. We can customize a plan to get you the most out of your discount and into a healthier version of yourself to study more efficiently.

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