Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Defined

Corporate Wellness refers to providing optimal health and wellness programs to make employees emotionally and physically capable of meeting their work expectations.

Dr. Sophia's New Lifestyle weight loss program offers a powerful and comprehensive resource for an effective corporate wellness initiative that addresses the body, mind and spirit. 

One priority of Dr. Sophia's New Lifestyle program is weight management. Weight management plays a crucial role in reducing obesity which is one of the leading causes of diabetes and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

The goal is to incorporate a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle changes for each employee, and to provide them with personalized plans to help meet their individual goals. 

Weight Management

Dr. Sophia's New Lifestyle Weight Management program incorporates a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Each employee is provided with a personalized plan to help meet their individual goals and reduce the potential for more serious health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol.

Challenges at the Workplace

Incentives to improve employee well-being are worksite wellness challenges, which serve to motivate employees to enroll in the corporate wellness program and enter into competitions with each other that are goal based weight loss challenges, among other exercise challenges. 

Programs Offered for Students and Military Service People

Dr. Sophia's New Lifestyle offers students at college campuses options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while they face the generational pressures typical for students: unhealthy eating combined with sleepless nights studying. 

Military service people also can benefit from Dr. Sophia's New Lifestyle. With monthly, quarterly and annual corporate-wellness programs, the challenge of non-civilian life and a constant need to be at one's post will no longer contribute to the trend of fatigue associated with the swing-shift and overnight work schedules.

Expert Coaching to Provide Consultation for Your Company

Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle provides consultation services to companies providing them with strategic plans, monthly, quarterly, yearly benchmarks. Dr. Sophia New Lifestyle provides monitoring of all employee health goals, addressing challenges especially for students and military personnel, to ensure that each employee can obtain optimal health. 

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