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Vitamins And Food Supplements

Vitamins Formulated to Maintain Healthy Balanced Life

Dr. Sophia Lifestyle vitamins are formulated to provided needed nutrition when food alone cannot provide adequate nutrients. Dr. Sophia has developed medical grade vitamins that promote energy, weight loss and mood. Following the Lifestyle, a healthy, balanced lifestyle is well within reach.

Medical Grade Food Supplements Support Bone Health

Patented, medical grade food supplements derived from mostly  organic ingredients allow your body to digest foods properly, supporting the immune system and a healthy, sound mind capable of mental focus.

Each vitamin is targeted to promote the health of a different part of the body. Calcium supports healthy bones and joints. Vitamin D promotes healthy bone development. CoQ10 helps cardiac health.Zinc immunity helps immune system support. Fatty acids beautify the skin and helps best cellular function.

Guarantees Maximum Digestive Health and Brain Function

Supplements such as the following support healthy digestion. Fiber regulates proper blood sugar levels, hunger, cholesterol and the small intestine. Probiotics support digestive health. A multivitamin reverses harmful deficiencies in Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as magnesium. And protein powders support amino acids that allow for muscles to repair after exercise.

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