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Food Replacement

As the best, highly effective, healthy medical grade weight loss program, we provide you with best meal replacements. After decades of research in the field of weight loss and nutrition, we are offering the best meal replacements so tasty that you prefer our meals rather than regular food.
Most of our products contains 15 grams of protein, less than 5 grams of sugar, high fiber and some are gluten free.
High protein content in our meal replacements maintain your muscle mass while losing weight. High protein, adequate fiber, and minimal sugar contents also make you feel full; and as your body is receiving the essential nutrition, most of the cravings go away.
Our meal replacements come in different varieties. We offer bars, shakes, soups, soy snacks and much more!
In our complete program, meal replacement is required to stay for 2-3 months so that you can lose 15-30 pounds a month easily, joyfully, and with no hunger plus no effort.
We promise effortless, joyful, healthy weight loss that will be maintained throughout your life.
We are adding fresh fruits and unlimited fresh vegetables in your diet with our healthy salad dressings
And there is no deprivation in any of our programs. We provide you with customized vitamins and supplements that help your body receive the needed nutrients needed to maintain the healthy life style and stops unnecessary cravings for junk food.

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